Welcome to Hobbygamers International

Who are HInt?

Hobbygamers International are a group of like-minded tabletop and video gamers who hang out together and play games online.

We have our own Discord server and many of us stream on Twitch or other platforms.

What do we do?

What Happened To FOG?

FOG, the Front for Organised Gaming, existed in various forms for many years. The last version of it was a very short-lived blog site powered by Wordpress. This was hacked within a few months of being put up and the owners of this webspace, also founders of HInt, finally lost the will to recreate their baby.
A decision was made to drop FOG as the primary focus of FOGOnline and dedicate the space to Hobbygamers International.

Is This It?

Far from it. This page is a stopgap, a temporary replacement for our hacked Wordpress site. In time there will be more here, hopefully including reviews and articles in addition to a schedule of what we're up to and details of how you can get involved. For now, however, we direct you to our Discord server where you can chat to us and join in whatever we have planned.